Ugh! July's almost over!

The end of July conjures up a bit of anxiety for this NerdyTeacherMom. I know, I know ... the Bible says "be anxious for nothing." I'm working on that.

This is right about when I start to lose sleep about the upcoming school year. The 3 a.m. worries are typically things like
  • how can I do a better job teacher question words this year, or
  • I should find someone now to talk to my classes about why speaking Spanish is so important, or 
  • maybe I'll try planning a field trip this year.

On top of the usual worries, this year I've added a biggie: I am pursuing my National Board Teacher Certification. Becoming a Board Certified Teacher will be validation that I am an "accomplished teacher." It will help me improve my teaching and make my school look good. Plus, it will add a few extra bucks to my paycheck.

Despite recommendations to spread this process over two years, I have committed myself to submitting all of the required components in only one. Why? I hate dragging things out. Plus, the other world language teachers in the group are doing it in one year, and we've promised to support each other.  

Why am I worried about this now? Because I know this process is going to steal time from my family and personal life. Every year, I say I'm going to spend summer vacation time planning lessons so I'll feel less stressed and harried during the school year. I never do. But I know if I don't get started on mapping out my lessons this year, things could get ugly. I love sleep too much to be up 'til midnight every night! (It's bad enough I'll be up late Sunday nights watching Power and Survivor's Remorse.)

My plan ... I've prayed. I've claimed success.I'm shutting down most of my other activities. (Bye, Candy Crush!) I have forbidden myself to speak doubt or negativity about the process or the school year. 

I can do this! ¡Sí se puede!


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