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Rethinking the Mommy Blog

Finally, I'd created a blog and started writing about topics that were both easy and fun to talk about. I'd sit at my computer, and the thoughts would flow easily. Writing about my younger daughter's elementary school antics, with a few mentions of my middle schooler sprinkled in, had me mapping out my plan to deal with the popularity that would surely come from becoming a well known blogger. Then it happened. My older daughter started high school. And not only did she start high school, but she started 9th grade at the high school where I teach . What more could a NerdyTeacherMom ask for? I was convinced that I would have enough material for a daily blog entry. And I did, in fact. Except I couldn't bring myself to write about any of it. Publicly reflecting on my child's academic shake-ups, social dramas, and physical and emotional insecurities just didn't sit well with me. Every time I thought about writing, the idea of me -- her mother -- putting her