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Finding the right college -- in 5th grade?

My 5th grader has been getting mail about colleges. Her reactions are so cute that I can't bear to tell them she's only 11 years old. Back in November, she received a letter from Mount St. Mary's University that's still on her bulletin board. When she opened it, she squealed and jumped around a bit, thinking she'd already been accepted into a college. My explaining that the purpose of the letter was simply to get her interested in the university did little to squash her excitement. She read the letter aloud, then grabbed a yellow highlighter and read it again. She highlighted the sentences with affirmations:  "A student with your talents deserves the opportunities you'll find at the right college ..." "Because I believe you are the kind of student who could thrive in our community ..." "Outstanding students like you shine when they find the college that fits ..." She underlined in red a sentence that made both her and th