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High Schoolers' Top Picks: Word Games to Spice Up Your Day

I recently started playing Wordle . I'm hooked! It took me a while to get into it, though. When I would see my friends post colored squares on Facebook and comment about the difficulty of the day's word, I figured I would try it one day. But I was in no rush. Then, I started to notice that my first period class was so engaged in Wordle each morning that I had trouble getting their attention to start lessons. I couldn't beat 'em, so I decided to join them.  My students walked me through the process of trying to guess the word of the day. Start by placing a random, five-letter word in the squares. If a letter turns green, it is in the proper position. If it turns yellow, it's a correct letter in the wrong position. And if the letter turns gray, it is not part of the word. I enjoy word games and got the hang of it quickly. Today, a rock-star student started a list on the classroom whiteboard of games that are similar to Wordle. As the day progressed, a few students add

Why I Still Wear a Mask to Teach at High School

It's been a week since the mask mandate was lifted at the high school where I work and where my teenage daughter attends. On the first mask-optional day, I announced to my students that I would be wearing a mask but that I was totally fine with whatever they decided to do. I would neither judge or make assumptions. I meant it.  Here are the three main reasons why I'm still wearing a mask to school. 1. I have not had a cold in more than two years. And I'm one of those people who typically catches a cold at least twice a year. I'm convinced that the mask (along with my other heightened sanitary practices) has protected me from the common cold. 2. I'm uncomfortable with the attitude that COVID-19 is no longer a threat. I have no idea how the latest variant could affect my body, and I don't want to find out. 3. Several of my coworkers, and some of the students, have expressed a great deal of anxiety. Being around mask-less people in a crowded, school environment mak