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5 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for the SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is tomorrow. Is your child taking the exam? Are you wondering how you can help? Keep reading for tips! I have worked as a proctor for the SAT for many years, and I view the exam with an unusual, threefold perspective. As the mother of test-takers with very different learning styles, my two children have taken the test a total of six times. As a teacher, I am interested in seeing students perform well and preparing them for success. And, as a proctor, I aim to provide a comfortable testing environment for nervous teenagers who are often stressed out about the test. Getting your high schooler ready for the SAT can feel overwhelming. Many of us haven’t solved for "x" in ages. For some of us, the letters "S-A-T" are triggering. In addition, as this NerdyTeacherMom can attest, being knowledgeable about grammar, test-taking and academics does not guarantee that your teen will listen to your advice. I’m here to tell you that you are NOT