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Lessons don't always go as planned, especially when your kids are the students

My 17-year-old and I recently traveled to Raleigh, N.C., for a soccer tournament. The event was a college showcase and welcomed high-school girls and college coaches from all around the country. Many of the participants arrived by plane or drove hours and hours. While our 300-mile trek paled in comparison to that of many others, the trip was a big deal to me. I did not love the idea of missing school, but I looked forward to bonding and exploring with my daughter on a journey to a new place. For many teachers, the thought of taking time off is dreadful. First, there are the “sub plans.” Creating lesson plans for substitute teachers is time-consuming. As a Spanish teacher, I try to leave plans for substitutes that require little knowledge of the language, while still creating activities that will feel meaningful and help students improve their knowledge of the language and its associated cultures. This is no easy feat!  Once the sub plans are created, it’s time to cross your fingers and