¡Oh, queso! Who remembers government cheese?

I wouldn't consider myself a cheese lover. But I do like cheese, especially on pizza and macaroni and cheese and pasta and gouda on crackers and cheesecake and ...

Ok, maybe I am a cheese lover!

Today is National Cheese Lover's Day. In recognition of this arguably insignificant but quirky day, I am sharing a poem I wrote a few years back. It's about the first cheese I actually remember. Those cardboard boxes had a special spot in our refrigerator!

Comment below with your favorite cheese memory!

Interested in the history of government cheese? Check out this article at History.com:  How the US Ended Up With Warehouses Full of 'Government Cheese'


  1. No one knows suffering until you attempt to cut the perfect slice of this to make a grill cheese. In those moments I dreamt of having enough money to afford the perfectly manicured, individually wrapped slices in the grocery store.

    1. Yes, indeed! Those wrapped slices sure looked fancy!!! LOL!

      I remember cutting myself and being forbidden to use the one "big knife" we had in the house. I was stuck using a butter knife!


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